Request the Neuronita product for school or home and we will send it to you by email for free. We have prepared an extremely simple teaching guide to make reading very easy for everyone. The guide will teach you how to prepare the space for the activities properly, what is the best time of the day to do them, how much time you should dedicate, etc.

The guide also contains an example of one of the activity sheets, explaining step by step what are the instructions that you should give the child before the start of the activity, how you can support them with a little help if you notice that they become stuck during the activity and finally how to score the results to keep track of the progress of each child. All the sheets are designed in the same way, so once the first one is understood, all 82 are understood!

Regarding the activity sheets, we will send them to you in batches of several sheets each time as you need them, according to the progress of the children. These sheets are of great value to our association, as they are the result of long years of research. So although we offer them to you for free, we will ask you to accept an End User License Agreement. It is the way we have to protect ourselves against copies and counterfeits, and at the same time, it offers you the security of knowing that you are receiving the genuine product.

It is very easy, write us right now at the email address indicating if you will use Neuronita at school or at home, and in no time, you will have everything ready to start!

If you still do not know about our association and what we are doing to improve Early Childhood Education for all children internationally, please consult 82 activities for the education of the little ones from the first year.