More than 2,000 schools have already incorporated the activities into the classroom.

Neuronita is an ordered system of perceptual, sensory and thinking activities to complement your school’s program. Based on the study of neurosciences, they address the key aspects of intellectual development in the stage of 0-3 years.

Surely after a huge effort, you have designed the best program for your school, providing children with the most balanced education possible in very diverse areas. However, due to the lack of commercial products, perceptual, sensory and thinking activities are often quite rare.

Neuronita helps you with a very important part, since the activities that we propose have been perfected for years in collaboration with the large number of nursery schools that have been applying them. All children can keep up, and of course, it is compatible with the rest of the activities you are already doing. By doing a new review of the programming, you will be able to reserve the time necessary to incorporate a Neuronita activity each week.

Our association provides you with the necessary materials completely free of charge, encouraging you to review them together with your educational team so that you can put them into practice in the next course. Meanwhile, we continue to innovate in the first stage of early childhood education, where we believe that there are more weaknesses in the international educational system.