Educating at home, an exciting challenge and a great responsibility.

It is normal that as a mother or father, you worry about the educational needs of your children at these early ages. By doing the Neuronita activities, you will have the peace of mind of not overlooking many aspects that are key for the development of children in the 0-3 year stage.

You may prefer to wait until your children are 1, 2, or 3 years old before taking them to a nursery school. If you have already made this decision, congratulations, you will undoubtedly spend great moments with your children. At the same time, you are assuming a great responsibility, by not having the outside help of education professionals. The educational needs at this stage are real and urgent, so please inform yourself well and do not put them off for later.

Neuronita helps you with a very important part, since the activities that we propose have been perfected for years in collaboration with the large number of nursery schools that have been applying them. However, keep in mind that other types of activities are also necessary, such as socializing with other children. Meet regularly with other families who have also decided to homeschool their children. And share Neuronita with them, as the activities are even more fun when other children are around.

When you decide to take your children to a nursery school, tell them about Neuronita. On our website we have specific information for schools, because they too can incorporate improvements in their educational program thanks to the constant innovation of our association.