26 September, 2015

Environments of activities

We ask the children to carry out the activities in different environments. While physical objects give them the security they need, the other environments force them to generalize a solution that allows them to solve the problem in all cases.


Environment 1: Activities in the real world with physical objects

It is the environment that is most comfortable for children. They are accustomed to being surrounded by objects and love to experiment with them whenever they can to find out how they work.


Environment 2: Activities in the real world with substitutes

In this environment they still have physical objects that they can touch. However, having replaced them with flat pieces on the table, the properties of the same are no longer obvious. Before carrying out these activities, we always let the children play the real physical object and leave it within view on the table.


Environment 3: Activities in the virtual world

We make a new substitution of the objects. In this case, the objects are represented on the tablet screen. It is the environment that is more complex for children, but has the advantage that allows us to present many more variations in the way objects, always with the goal of developing more intelligence. Apps are currently in the testing phase and we hope to be able to offer them to the general public very soon.