Find out how we are helping to improve child development in the 0-3 year stage.

Did you know that the neural connections that are created in the period between 0-3 years are not the same that are created in other moments of life? This means that if we waste this precious time that we have, children are losing an advantage that they can no longer regain.

On the other hand, if we stimulate the child with the ideal activities during that period, we achieve greater intellectual development that lasts until adulthood. Among other benefits, this translates into better academic performance throughout the educational stages and a reduction in school failure rates. Hence the enormous importance of what we call Early Childhood Education.

We have the collaboration of a good number of experts in Early Childhood Education from the international scene. These professionals from pedagogy, psychology and neurosciences participate annually by giving talks at the main conferences in the sector and transmit the results of their research to us through scientific articles and specialized books. Visit the About Us section to meet our team.

The result of our work is the Neuronita product, which we are pleased to make available to everyone for a free trial. Neuronita is an orderly system of activities that challenges children in the earliest possible way, progressively increasing the difficulty as they reach greater maturity month by month.